Terms & Conditions

  1. Acceptance of the order

    The acceptance of your order begins with the delivery of an Email confirming the contents of your order (unless there is a backend issue, you can verify it by contacting us on our given email address, on phone or via Facebook/Instagram inbox) and satisfying the record prerequisites.

    Refund policy

    • Kaara does not offer “Cash Refunds”.
    • Refunds are offered in the form of an amount being reverted back to the original payment method or store credit that can be used for future purchases under the following conditions;
    • If the product delivered is defected
    • If the order is not correct
    • If the voucher refund case informed within 2 days after product is delivered.
    • If the customer asks for a refund for orders paid via option Stripe without any error on the part of Kaara, a 5% service charge on the refund amount will be applied.
    • 5% service charges will not be applicable if the customer asks to cancel and refund the order within 24 hours of order placement.
    • Once store credit has been issued it will not be reversed/exchanged with a refund.
    • The refund amount is calculated using the currency rate at the time of the order placement and not the current currency rate.

    Service charges and exchange rates

    Stripe Payment Gateway

    Payment done via Stripe has an option to pay in PKR, USD, GBP, CAD, AED, and AUD without the application of any other charges or exchange rates. The conversion rate at the Stripe portal is not set by us and cannot be undone once paid.

    Important Note: If you are in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, or UAE, it is recommended that you place your order in your own currency on Kaara’s website instead of PKR to avoid any conversion charges as Stripe will change the order amount to USD if you placed the order in PKR while being outside of Pakistan.

    If the customer asks for a refund for orders paid via option Stripe without any error on the part of Kaara, a 5% service charge on the refund amount will be applied.

    Order delays

    Kaara tries its level best to make deliveries in the most reasonable time possible. However, order deliveries may be delayed in case of certain unexpected situations; Kaara does not assume any responsibility for delayed deliveries, though it does everything in its power to avoid them. If there are delays from the supplier/brand, Kaara Store will inform its customers via email about the expected delay and new order processing date. 

    Communication regarding orders

    Any instructions regarding the order including but not limited to delivery, stitching, feedback, and contents are to be given via email at the following addresses. In order to safeguard the customer’s interests and for proper record keeping, any correspondence made via call can be deemed void. The customer may be asked to send an email in order to back up the required changes or for feedback. 

    Our Active Email addresses are:


    Shipment and delivery time

    Our shipping timing for order delivery within PAKISTAN is 3-5 working days from the order processing/ launch date. For International Customers the delivery time is between 7-10 working days. In case the product is on pre-book, we mention the order processing date on the product page. In case there is a delay in launch, the new order processing date is communicated via email.

    There can be unexpected delivery delays due to custom clearance .The shipment charges depend upon the weight of the consignment.

    Order placement via bank transfer

    • Kaara takes no guarantee of the availability of the product that you had ordered if you are making the payment after the given timeframe. Though our efforts will be to process your initial order, if any of the ordered products is out of stock you will be offered to choose any other product/design/color (within the same price range). Kaara will not be held responsible if there are delays in delivery due to out-of-stock products.

    • Customers who are making the payment through Western Union or Bank Wire (Bank deposit). The order that you place is kept on hold for 48 hours after you receive a confirmation email from us about the Order and Payment Details.

    • If you plan to make payment after 48 hours of receiving the confirmation, please confirm it with us if the products that you have ordered are still in stock, or preferably email our team to hold the order specifying a time frame.

    • If we get no confirmation from the customer, the order might be canceled without any notification.

    • The order is only processed after the customer makes the complete payment and informs us about payment details.

    Unavailability of products

    Kaara will contact you via email to inform you about the unavailability of a product in your order unless the problem is urgent or an emergency. 

    If the shipment of the order is delayed due to the unavailability of a product then we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and we will take steps to minimize the effect of the delay. 

    Provided we do this we will not be liable for delays caused by the event, but if there is a risk of substantial delay you may get the order canceled and receive a refund for any products you have paid for but not received.

    Color Variation

    The human eye has a resolution of 576 megapixels and even the best professional cameras you can buy today top out at between 100-150 megapixels. There is no comparison. Please bear this in mind while ordering online. 

    This is even besides the fact that these photos benefit from studio lighting even before any touch-ups are applied. Due to this, the exact color or texture of the final item may slightly vary from what is seen on screen. 

    Therefore, products cannot be exchanged for this reason. 

    Made to orders

    Kaara takes pride in employing the finest couturiers in Pakistan, We have a thorough stitching process where we give the customers the chance to get their outfits stitched on either standard size (small, medium, large, x-large) or a custom size (for which a measurements form is sent to the customer). Outfits can be made to order in the favorable color and sizes.

    Once the outfits are stitched they go through a rigorous quality assurance process after which they are shipped/handed over to the customer. The colors and design selected may vary from the screen to reality.

    Kaara will not entertain any claims with regard to stitching products since the outfits are stitched as per the instructions of the customers. The customers can check out our detailed terms and conditions for stitching below.

    • Kaara is not going to accept any complaints made after 7 days of the order delivery date.
    • Any Stitched product will NOT be entertained for exchange or return.
    • The stitching would be done according to the picture; however, there could be some variation depending on the actual fabrics included in the product and on the embellishments available in the local market (for example laces, ribbons, buttons, tassels, Pearls, etc.). Brands often use custom-designed embellishments on the dresses for model shoots. These are neither supplied with the product nor available in the local market. Hence we try our best to get and use the closest-looking embellishment available in the local market.
    • There are cases where the stitched suit shown in the catalog image is using extra fabric. Sometimes even up to 2 extra suits. In that case, we try our best to make the most identical design using the single suit you purchased.
    • It is a very common practice of Brands to use extra lighting and photo effects during the model shoot. Which results in varying the catalog image from the actual fabric color. In that case, Kaara is not responsible for the change. We can only assure the product’s originality and not the actual color.
    • It may not be necessary that the embellishments shown in the image can be exactly applied to the suit. However, we will try to procure the most identical embellishments available in the market which will be of top quality and finishing.
    • As per standard practice, we stitch full sleeves and full lining for the suits. We do not stitch deep necks, deep backs, short blouses, etc even if shown in the catalog image unless specified by the customer. 

    Possible Delays in order

    • In case of any problem, while processing your payment, the stitching time will be revised accordingly.
    • The customized order time may be revised if our stitching team has any concerns during the stitching process. It may be about fabric limitation, inappropriate/incomplete measurements, or defective products. In this case, our stitching team will immediately contact you via email. Once resolved they will quote you the new estimated completion date.
    • The Stitching completion time is calculated from the launch date of the collection. In case of any delay in the launch by the brand, the customers are informed and provided with a new stitching completion date.
    • For international shipments, we deliver through DHL, SKYNET, UPS, and DPEX. It usually takes 4 to 7 working days for all major international destinations. There can be unexpected delays due to weather, logistical issues, or custom clearance. The delay can go up to 3-4 working days. In this case, Kaara will not be responsible for the abnormal delay from the courier company or any regulatory issues.

    Privacy policy

    We follow a confidential order and shipping procedure in which your personal data is solely used for a secured and straightforward order and shipping process. Furthermore, your personal data is treated with absolute confidentiality.